Survival Firefighter Run Walloon Brabant 2017

Fire brigade
The Union Provinciale des Sapeurs-Pompiers du Brabant Wallon (provincial union of fire fighters of Walloon Brabant) organizes, in partnership with the emergency rescue zone Walloon Brabant, its very first international competition for fire fighters.
Survival Firefighter Run Walloon Brabant 2017

The competition will take place on 30 September 2017 at PAMEXPO, Avenue des Combattants 19, 1490 Court-St-Etienne. The teams of fire fighters will cover an obstacle course wearing the full PPE (fire clothing, helmet, boots, gloves) and the self-contained breathing apparatus, and they will end the competition day with a running race of 7 km in sports clothing.

Registrations are open until 17 September 2017 through the website where you can find the useful information to participate in this competition.

The day will be accessible to family and the general public, who can come and watch the different teams of fire fighters from Belgium and other countries.